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Pilgrimage for Peace, 2021

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In 2002 I joined my brother Chris for the last 250 miles of his cycling pilgrimage from le Puy to Santiago de Compostela. He died from Covid 19 on Good Friday last year. For a few years, he had had Alzheimer's disease, but was still able to live at home. I had hoped to do a ride this year to remember him - maybe Mont Ventoux, as Chris was a member of 'Cinglés du Mont Ventoux'* (Ascending all 3 roads to the 1910m summit in the same day).

However, foreign travel is not happening, and PX's Pilgrimage will do nicely instead! I expect to see lots of cathedrals, some war graves, and will certainly visit 'RAF' Menwith Hill - a US spy base. Just as in 2001, I aim to do 250 miles in 5 days, keeping to the same daily distances as far as I can. You might like to visit my account of the journey - Santiago introduction

The picture shows Chris (on the right) & me 1500m up at Cruce de Ferro, on Sunday 2/06/2002 - the stones are left by pilgrims who have carried them from home and leave them here, symbols of leaving their sins behind.

On this bike ride, I am aiming to raise funds for both Pax Christi and Alzheimer's Research UK.

To give to Pax Christi, go to https://tinyurl.com/PaxDonate
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To give to Alzheimer's Research UK, it's https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tim-devereux

There is a downloadable pdf version of this page here. Click on the link then have a look in your downloads folder.

Many thanks!

Tim Devereux

*'Crazies of Mont Ventoux'